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Kokido is proud to add one more E-cleaner to the TELSA™ line.

The TELSA 30™ is our new rechargeable vacuum cleaner using lithium batteries for maximum efficiency and durability. This cleaner is ideal to clean medium-sized pool without any efforts. the TELSA 30™ will clean the debris and filter the water of your pool without having the need of a hose or a cable.

Telsa™ Rechargeable Pool Cleaners

These battery-powered devices are designed to efficiently vacuum underwater debris. They provide an easy and time-saving solution to pool maintenance as they do not require the connection of any electrical cords or hoses. Each model is completely submersible and specifically designed for different pool & spa sizes. The rechargeable lithium battery provides optimal power and performance over time. Simply connect the cleaners to the handle provided* or to a standard telescopic pole (not included). Turn on with the press of a button, and get rid of underwater debris in minutes!

Spa Scoop & Brush

The spa scoop and brush are essential for maintaining your spa in good condition. Specifically designed for spas, these accessories have been carefully elaborated to guarantee a comfortable grip and easy use.

KRILL™ Automatic Cleaner

Krill is an automatic hydraulic cleaner designed to combine the advantages of both hammer-type automatic cleaners and automatic cleaners using a diaphragm. It is the ideal solution to automatically and silently vacuum above-ground pools with low-flow filtration systems!