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    TELSA 30™
    Kokido is proud to add one more E-cleaner to the TELSA™ line. The TELSA 30™ is our new rechargeable vacuum cleaner using ..
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  • PSP15_COLOR2016_resized
    International Pool Spa Patio Expo 2016
    Kokido will participate to the International Pool Spa Patio 2016 expo in New Orleans! Visit us between the 2 – 4 Novemb..
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    Lyon Piscine Global Expo 2016
    Kokido will participate to the Piscine Global 2016 exhibition in Lyon! Visit us between the 15-18 November – STAND 4H13..
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  • telsa
    Telsa™ Rechargeable Pool Cleaners
    These battery-powered devices are designed to efficiently vacuum underwater debris. They provide an easy and time-saving solu..
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  • Duomo_img
    DUOMO™ Solar Heater
    Solar heaters convert the sun¹s energy to heat; it is the most ecological and cost efficient way to heat your pool water! ...
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    Spa Scoop & Brush
    The spa scoop and brush are essential for maintaining your spa in good condition. Specifically designed for spas, these acces..
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